Marva Marva


You can find pictures and posts written by our participants on Facebook under #MarvaDailyPost

Daniel Versman writes in her year course blog:

“The biggest reason I personally chose to do Marva was to put structure into my life.  I wanted to not be as lazy, to wake up at a more reasonable hour (instead of sleeping half the day). I have gained a better understanding of the army and in the future, I know I will do a better job of managing my time and getting the most I can out of each and every day. Marva has definitely been an awesome experience.”

Daniel Farahi writes in his blog “NY 2 IL”

“We were timed in everything we did. From free time to shower time, eating to cleaning. Day in and day out we were forced to run from point A to B in 20 seconds, with the threat of heaving to
repeat over and over if we were unsuccessful in the time allotted. I hated it… And yet, by the end of the course, with hindsight clearing the fog of the hardest moment, I was satisfied. Proud even.”

From the “Rachel on Year Course” blog

“This entire experience made me feel more connected to Israel. I learned so much about what all Israeli teens go through, and although I only did this for two months, it really changed the way I view this country. I love being able to see a soldier on the bus and be able to tell so many things about them just from their uniform. It was amazing starting out as a group of sixteen people from
all over the world and becoming a family. Although this experience was frustrating at times, I learned so much about Israel, the Army, and myself and I would not have traded it for the world!”

Gal Shoffet writes in his “To Israel and Beyond” blog

“Marva was an experience of a lifetime and up to today was one of my favorite experiences on Year Course. It’s amazing how fast 8 weeks flew by and that it’s all over but I know that I will take the lessons I learned on it with me wherever I go and to anyone coming to Israel for more than 3 months, I definitely recommend doing it.”

Arie Grunberg writes in “The Community Post” Local Miami newspaper

“Each week brought different experiences, but as time went on, we grew closer while we simultaneously gained a better understanding of the army mentality of order, hierarchy, discipline, and respect… we knew that it was the army’s strict discipline that made us close and we held this secret in hearts because it kept us going.”

Rachel Schwab in the “Marva army training” blog

“When I look back to what I thought the course would be before it started, I couldn’t have been more wrong. To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. And that is exactly what I thought on that first night in tent number six about 8 weeks ago. But now as I sit on my living room couch in Arad and think about everything Marva has taken me through, I realize that in the end it was exactly what I needed.”