Marva Marva

About the Program

Acceptance Criteria

  1. Applicants must come from outside of Israel, not having made Aliyah, Jewish (by the law of return), between the ages of 18-25.
  2. Fluency in either Hebrew or English is required.
  3. Marva is a mentally demanding program. Applicants are expected to be highly motivated.
  4. Please keep in mind that the final acceptance is decided by The IDF.

Accommodations and Meals

While you are on the Marva program you will be staying in three types of accommodations (There is a clear separation between Boy/Girl Tents, Rooms and Bathrooms):

  1. Tents in army bases – These are large, army-style tents for 15-20 people. There is a concrete floor, and participants sleep on cots with mattresses in sleeping bags.
  2. Tents in field conditions – On field week you will be staying in small two-person tents.
  3. Rooms on army bases during North week and Jerusalem week – In the base you will be staying in, you will be sleeping in large rooms with several participants in each room. Participants sleep on cots or army beds.

In all of the accommodations, you will be provided with a mattress and a sleeping bag. We highly recommend bringing sheets and a pillow.

Bathrooms are cleaned by the participants every morning.

All meals are Kosher. Breakfast and Dinner are Dairy, with Lunch usually being Meat (options for Vegetarians). On field week and other occasions, canned food will be served.  The food is prepared in industrial military kitchens, which might not suit each participant’s personal tastes.

Medical Insurance

Participants on the program receive medical insurance through the Harel and Clalit company. Participants that join the program as part of another long-term program in Israel (Youth movement or Year course) are insured through their main program. The insurance covers all medical needs that arise while on the program in Israel.

It does not cover the following:

  • Treatment or medication for pre-existing conditions that you suffered from prior to your arrival to Israel (unless your condition happens to escalate for the worse – then you are covered).
  • Medical or baggage insurance for your travel to and from Israel.
  • Conditions arising before the start date of the program or after its completion.
  • Theft or damage of personal belongings.
  • Treatment outside of the state of Israel.
  • Alcohol or drug related illness or accidents.
  • Psychological or psychiatric treatment.
  • Automobile accidents.
  • Injuries during extreme sports activities.

Can I be Observant and still do Marva?

The army is a place that gives you the opportunity to be observant if one wishes to be. All groups are mixed (boys and girls) and you may have either a Male or Female commander, but tents, rooms and bathrooms are separated.

All meals are Kosher, time to pray is given to those who want to (sometimes it will be during a long break that you have) and there is a synagogue on base with a Torah scroll.

Shabbat on base is respected accordingly. You have time to rest and only need to come to Friday Night dinner and Saturday lunch (both include Kiddush).