Marva Marva

Fees & Payment

This page is irrelevant for participants joining Marva through a long-term Israel program


The cost of the program is $1735 + a non-refundable $50 registration fee. The program cost includes $85 deposit – you can find more information about the deposit is in the Terms and Conditions in the registration.

If you leave the Marva program at any time, or if you are asked to leave the program due to medical reasons or unsuitability at any time, you will not receive a refund of any kind.

What’s Included

The program cost includes room and board for the duration of the program, as well as all educational programming and transportation to and from Tel Aviv on free weekends. It also includes medical insurance for the duration of the program (participants who join the program through another long-term program in Israel are insured through their main program and not through Marva). It does not include flights or room and board on free weekends.

Other Expenses

In addition, participants should budget for room and board on free weekends and for personal expenses such as cell phones and entertainment. It is important to remember that Israel is not an inexpensive country, and therefore expenses in general are comparable to those of most Western countries. We suggest that all participants budget at least $150-$250 for each month on the program.

Scholarships and Grants

If you join Marva through the 5-10 month Masa Israel Journey program, you may be eligible for scholarships and grants from your local synagogue or Jewish Federation towards the cost of the program. Find your local Jewish Federation here.


The payment is conducted through the registration website via credit card. If you prefer other methods of payment (wire transfer for example), please contact us.

Additional Important Information

  • There is a mandatory meeting on the Thursday before the course starts with the Marva coordinator in the Jerusalem office.
  • Registration closes a month before the course starts. Make sure that you have completed your online registration and have been interviewed in time.